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How To Use Covert Hypnosis To Increase Charisma

Everybody likes to feel important. This is the secret of charismatic people. When they walk into a room, everybody turns their head. They have a way of interacting with people that makes you feel special just by being around them. They are so confident and comfortable in their own skin, they don’t wander the earth like the rest of us mortals always looking for validation and approval.

Instead, they give validation and approval, since they’ve got plenty to go around. And that makes us feel good. The basic rule is that whomever makes us feel good about ourselves, we like.

The good news is that with conversational and covert hypnosis, you can easily pull this off. When most people hear the term, “hypnosis,” they imagine guy some up on a stage making people cluck like a chicken or speak in Martian. When they hear the term, “covert hypnosis,” they imagine some guy walking up to somebody on the street, and then making them cluck like a chicken. While this may make for some entertaining YouTube videos, is it useful in real life?

Let’s back up. What is hypnosis, anyway? When we’re talking about direct hypnosis, it’s when that guy is swinging a watch in front of your face and tell you that you’re getting sleepier and sleepier. But when we’re talking about covert and conversational hypnosis, we’re talking about slipping ideas into people’s heads that they won’t notice.

At first, people realize this is perfect for sales. Slip in ideas like “this is a popular product,” or “this is a valuable product,” and people will buy your product and you’ll make a lot of money.

But what about slipping ideas into people’s heads like, “you are important,” or, “people like you,” or “you have a lot of potential,” or “you are very creative”? What happens then? These ideas will be taken without resistance. And they will make the person we are talking to feel really good about themselves.

And since they are talking to us, they will start to associate those good feelings with us. And next time they see us, they’ll automatically and unconsciously recall those good feelings. Making you seem very charismatic and magnetic.

What can this do for your business? What can this do for your social life? How many ways can this help you achieve what you want in life? When you start using these patterns to help other people feel good about themselves, they’ll automatically want to return the favor.

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